Full Service Gunsmith & Custom Machining

Our Gunsmith Work

Gunsmith level Cleaning

Our Gunsmith will completely disassemble your firearm down to its smallest components. Then each part is hand cleaned followed by an ultrasonic cleaning bath. Once all the parts are cleaned and dried they are checked for wear then oiled with a premium gun oil with rust preventative. Then the firearm is reassembled and function tested. 

Refinished Shotgun

Metal Finishing

We offer various metal finishes and treatments for your firearm such as Wire Brush, Polishing, Bead Blasting, Cold Blue, Black Oxide, Belgium Bluing, Slow Rust Bluing, and Nitre Bluing.

Custom Maching

Our fully equipped machine shop can produce Just about anything you could want and our staff of Certified Gunsmiths, Machinists and Engineers can help your custom part become reality.

Custom Machined Parts

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